Lisa M. Ryno, Ph.D.

I love spending time with my family (spouse, daughter, two dogs and a cat!), reading (favorite authors include Margaret Atwood, Lauren Groff and Ted Chiang, among many, many others), crocheting/knitting, walking and strong lattes.

Current Students

Anna Francis
Class of 2023

Understanding the role of non-PTS sugars on the transcriptome of E. coli planktonic cells and biofilm

Person standing in front of a house with trees

Kyogo Nagashima
Class of 2024

Understanding the role of non-PTS sugars on biofilm formation and composition

Person smiling in the snow

Ryan Taylor
Class of 2023

Assessing the influence of FliA and RpoH overexpression on antibiotic tolerance


Charlotte Andrews ‘19

Eric Bell ‘17

Emma Brezel ‘17

Luke Buck ’21

Peter Choi ’23

Emily Curley ‘17

Dorothy DeBiasse ‘19

Aditi Gupta ‘18

Josh Holtzman ’21

Sarah Hughes ‘18

Eunice Kim ’21

Sarel Loewus ‘16

Maddison Paladino ’21

Yasmine Ramachandra ‘19

Delia Scoville ‘16

Yuan Tian ’21

Erica Zheng ‘17

Gabby Walsh ‘18

JoAnn Tinker ’20